April 26, 2011


changing my blog to http://fromthemoonandthesun.blogspot.com/

October 8, 2010

i got the MAGIC in me

we'll take a journey into my mind
you see why its venom i rhyme
stay on the road and i call my momma when i got time
i hit the stage, go insane and jump into that crowd
see see when i rhyme i flow on the beat like pidda-dow-dow
see i deceive you with my intergalactic ether
i sing just like aretha
so respect me like im caesar
i kick it like adidas, flowin sticky like adhesive
be cautious cause what i'll be on'll leave you with amnesia
i break all the rules like evel knievel
its a spectacular show cause my heart pumps diesel
so whatever youre saying it dont entertain my ego
i do this everyday

fast times at barrington high *sigh*

apart from how cute the singer is

what i also love about the band THE ACADEMY IS are

their songs, which are VERY GOOOOOOD

their videos are interesting too :)

and bak to the singer, William Beckett, of course the voice (Y)

check them out? just click HERE for their blog or click HERE for their myspace


yesterday my black APX guitar was shouting at me, it said "Shannen, play me! play me!" so i tried to play it again, after mmm about 6 months not even toching it. now three of the fingers on my left hand is aching.. uugh this sucks -_-"

so i'll just wish for the pain to go away

please kiss me goodbye and dont come any closer

October 7, 2010

this is what i go to school for

wishing every single day of school is as unproductive as today :)
the people in the photos are
(thats me)
(the one in the right in the last photo)
(the super white one :P)

and you'll see that we are not what you think we are

October 1, 2010

September 28, 2010

talk to the eyes!

i swear to not sing a word to you
so try to talk to my eyes
cause you'll see how much pain i have inside

September 22, 2010

i am more than just me

sometimes we found that similar things can have a thousand difference
what about my shadows up there?

September 21, 2010

i say ...

my dog is totally photogenic (Y)
by the way,
i'm starting to think that my blog is becoming a photoblog
:9 my bad hehe